Our vision

While the use of heat for desalination has been studies for centuries, recent technologies development have emphasised its main issue: competitiveness. DESOLINATION will tackle this issue by developing disruptive solutions for efficient coupling of Concentrated Solar Power and desalination, providing cost-effective production of electricity and water using solar energy.
The innovative solutions will be demonstrated in real conditions in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, first on an existing system and second on a next-generation one.

The complete system will thus be an energy-efficient demonstrator prototype offering new perspectives for competitive renewable powered desalination.

DESOLINATION – Sustainable desalination from Concentrated Solar Power.


The main objective of DESOLINATION is to decarbonise the desalination process in arid regions (here in the Gulf) by demonstrating in a real environment the efficient coupling of a concentrated solar power plant to a forward osmosis desalination system.

Based on disruptive innovations in the heat recovery, in the thermal cycle, and in the water separation methods, the DESOLINATION system will show high wasted-heat-to-freshwater conversion efficiency, and high CSP power efficiency.

In order to reach this ambitious goal, the project will work on multiple objectives simultaneously:


Expected Impacts