Sustainable desalination
from Concentrated Solar Power

The DESOLINATION project will develop an innovative process coupling Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) on one side, and Forward Osmosis (FO) desalination on the other, into an efficient production of both green electricity and freshwater.

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Start - June 2021 End - June 2025

Latest news

EU Sustainable Energy Week

12 June 2023 | online

4th episode of ETN webinar series – R&D Activities on sCO2 in Europe: Components challenge – Heat Exchangers

ETN Global brings already the fourth episode of its successful free webinar series “R&D Activities on sCO2 in Europe”. Find out more information about speakers and agenda here, register & save the date!

Netherlands Process technology Symposium

The 18th edition of the Netherlands Process technology Symposium

6-7 July 2023 | Kinepolis, Enschede

NPS2023 is the leading event to stay on top of advancements in process engineering. On this occasion, the DESOLINATION project will be presented by Aylin Kinik from Eindhoven University of Technology…

SolarPACES 2023

29th SolarPACES Conference

10-13 October 2023 | Sidney, Australia

The international network of researchers and industry experts for the development and marketing of concentrating solar thermal power systems and solar chemistry technologies…

CSP Waste Heat recovery

Forward osmosis desalination

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