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Explore groundbreaking research and advancements in coupling solar power with desalination systems to create sustainable water solutions for arid regions.

Our Mission

The DESOLINATION project is dedicated to revolutionizing the desalination process by integrating advanced solar power technologies. Our collaborative efforts aim to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of desalination in arid regions, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to water scarcity solutions.

Collaborative Efforts

Our project brings together leading researchers and experts from various fields to develop and demonstrate the efficient coupling of concentrating solar power plants with direct osmosis desalination systems. This synergy is key to achieving our goal of decarbonizing the desalination process.

Decarbonizing Desalination

By leveraging cutting-edge solar power technology, the DESOLINATION project aims to provide a viable and sustainable alternative to traditional desalination methods. Our focus is on creating a scalable model that can be implemented in arid regions worldwide, addressing both water scarcity and environmental concerns.